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Life Changes

Posted on: October 16, 2008 2:34 am
So as some of my friends know I have been working on boats for quite some time. It has always been my fear that the type of boats I have been working on will eventually come to an end. Well that time is finally here, it was announced earlier this year that the parent company, Ambassador International, will not be running the passenger vessels they bought 3 years ago. With Ambassadors not willing to continue running the boats next year, there are roughly 500 people who will not have a job as of November 15th. I being one of them. Fortunately, I am a licensed officer by way of the USCG, so I am probably going to work with a towing company. All the servers and housekeepers do not have such a fortunate future.

I like to think that eventually someone will return these boats to their previous glory. Farewell Delta Queen, the end of a legend, and historical landmark.
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